Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/11/2014 Learning

So what's been happening up to this point?
Not too much yet. Right now I'm really getting my nose to the grindstone re-learning a lot of Maya. I'm doing my best to stop being an animation specialist and truly becoming a generalist. A lot has changed in the years since I first learned anything other than animation. So before I really get going on NCFN I have to get back up to speed on modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, texturing (or whatever it's called now!) dynamics, and effects. 
The other thing to learn is how much to learn! In other words, learning enough to get things done but not trying to become and expert at all of it.
It's a colossal undertaking but I'm pretty excited about it. I'm currently going through rigging tutorials. So far to go!

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