Friday, June 6, 2014

6/30/2014 Ideas

Held up by my parents visiting.
Have to finish my HTML and Java classes this week.
Now jury duty tomorrow!
Still going through the very helpful but very long rigging tutorials.

Teacher compels (using grades) Ned to censor the class singing "Silent Night" by using an air horn when a religious lyric comes up.

Teacher has a sweater with a "telephone pole" on it. (NOT a CROSS!)

Teacher calls Ned "a diversity".

When the songs are playing, they all have the usual jingle bells. But every time, people can be seen actually stopping in place and jingling the bells.

There is always a blizzard going on so nothing can be seen beyond the houses and row of trees.

Cameras should have a very shallow depth of field.

I think I've decided against having Ned's parents in it at all.

The whole town is on one street going up/down a mountain.

The whole story should start at Ned's house on top of the mountain, travel down almost to the school at the bottom of the mountain during the first song, then travel back up the mountain until the end at the restaurant.

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