Sunday, June 1, 2014

7/31/2014 Mice and Ice

  • The mice handed out as gifts are actually dog paddling in the snow globes.
  • Ned says hi to the snake at the very start.
  • Rather than people shaking jingle bells for every song, possibly have anthropomorphic jingle bells walk into the scene. This means really committing to anthropomorphisizing (?) everything!
  • When Ned confronts the little kid gang, he throws a giant snowball in the air, then a smaller one, which breaks the big one into little ones (like one of those missiles that breaks apart in the air). Each snowball is a direct hit on one kid, and chimes play notes to a carol on each hit. (Maybe "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem").
  • Maybe the kids don't have their own song, just sing the Bach canon with lyrics like: "Better run.... you have made us annn-gry..... Better hiiiiide.... we're after youuuuuu....  Heee-eeer we cooooooooommmmmeeeee...."
  • We get a closeup of the Indian kis waving thanks to Ned.

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