Friday, May 30, 2014

9/19/2014 Skinny Santa

The Santa that Ned meets is the owner of a car stereo store. He has a southern drawl. When Ned points that out, he claims that he moved to the south pole a while back because of global warming.
He tries to convince Ned to have his parents buy a car stereo for him for Christmas.
He's really skinny with a printed Santa outfit-type t shirt and pants that are red but only sort of match.
He says "Ho, Ho", leaving off the third ho.
The "antagonist" is a girl that Ned is infatuated with. She floats and is surrounded by a heavenly glow. She tries to convince Ned to celebrate Christmas and if he does then he can come to her party.
Ned is conflicted and says he has to think about it.
At the climax she asks for his decision and presents him with the same sweater that everyone else is wearing. (Ned has been wearing a sweater that is not Christmas related and purple/yellow instead of red/green. Picture is a dinosaur with a caption saying Rarr!")
The "misfits" walk off sadly when it seems that Ned will go with her. He looks at the tag and says "It's not my size!" He decides to run after the "misfits" and her glow shorts out like a bad bulb and she floats to the ground.

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